How to top up my giffgaff SIM card

Types of products and giffgaff plans

Before explaining how to recharge your mobile phone, we'll explain the 3 types of products you can buy, so you know the right one to choose:

  • Goodybag:A goodybag is a plan that provides a fixed number of minutes for calls, texting and internet connection for a 30 days period, after this time, you'll have to buy another goodybag, because even when you may have not used all of your call minutes or texts or internet connection, your account will be reset to zero. It is the most economical option if you'll use your mobile phone as usual.

  • Gigabag:This is a monthly internet data plan with 4G connection that is specifically designed for iPads, tablets and dongle (USB data).

This plan allows you to connect to the Internet with your iPad, tablet or dongle from anywhere in the UK. You can also share Internet connection from your main device with others, including mobile devices.

Remember that the "gigabag" plans don't offer call minutes or SMS messages, only 4G internet connection.

  • Airtime credit: This is the classic "Pay as you go" plan. This option is suitable for users who don't normally use their mobile phone and only have it for emergencies or very specific situations.

Airtime credit doesn't expire over time and is spent when you call, send messages or connect to the Internet.

The drawback is that the price per minute of call, message or internet, is higher in comparison to the goodybag plans.

All products an be automatically or manually renewed every month, and below we'll explain the recharging process.

How to top up your giffgaff SIM online

1 - Log in to your giffgaff account.

2 – Click on "My giffgaff" on the top horizontal menu of the giffgaff website.

Recargar tarjeta SIM

Payment options

  • With a Voucher: click on "Top-up by voucher" then enter the 16-digit code you'll find at the top of your Voucher and click on the yellow button that says "Redeem".

  • With debit or credit card: click on "Top-up by credit or balance," then select the option you want to buy: goodybag, gigabag or airtime credit.

Tarjeta de débido o crédito

Now you only have to choose the type of product and follow the indicated steps, until you have to pay by entering your user data and card numbers. You'll finish your payment by clicking on the yellow button "Order & Pay".

With any of these options, after choosing the plan you want, before you pay you'll be able to select the tab that says "yes, I would like my “selected product” to recur Automatically every month", which will automatically renew this plan and charge it directly to your card every 30 days.

Renovar saldo crédito giffgaff

Of course, you'll be able to halt or cancel this option once you no longer need it from your personal giffgaff account page. Automatic payments are charged on the 4th of every month.

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