Goodybags, Our giffgaff pay as you go plans

Forget about contracts, our giffgaff plans give you the flexibility to choose each month the amount of minutes, data and texts you need. Its prices are the cheapest in the market.

Price per month UK data UK minutes UK texts
Goodybag 5 libras 100 MB 150 500 Free to giffgaff numbers
Goodybag 7.50 libras 1 GB 250 Unlimited Free to giffgaff numbers
Goodybag 10 libras 3 GB Unlimited Unlimited Free to giffgaff numbers
Goodybag 12 libras 4 GB Unlimited Unlimited Free to giffgaff numbers
Goodybag 15 libras 6 GB Unlimited Unlimited Free to giffgaff numbers
Goodybag 18 libras 9 GB Unlimited Unlimited Free to giffgaff numbers
Goodybag 20 libras Always On* (9 GB+) Unlimited Unlimited Free to giffgaff numbers
Goodybag 5 libras 500 MB - -

Frequently asked questions about giffgaff goodybags

What is included in goodybag plans?

Goodybags are SIM plans that have a set amount of minutes in calls, data to surf internet with your mobile and text messages. You can see all goodybag plans in the table above.

International calls and text messages are not included in goodybags. To call or send messages abroad you will have to top up your balance, called "Airtime Credit" at giffgaff.

What is included in gigabags?

Gigabags are plans that only contain data for browsing the internet, with 2G, 3G and 4G connections.

If you want to make calls or send messages, you'll have to top up credit on your giffgaff SIM card.

Do goodybags have 4G connection?

All goodybags offer 4G connection. To navigate at speeds of 4G, you must have a mobile phone adapted to this type of connection.

Can I use giffgaff goodybag plans on my 3G phone?

Of course you can, you do not need a latest model phone to enjoy your SIM giffgaff. Unfortunately with a 3G connection phone you won't be able to get advantage of 4G connection, but the rest of services will work correctly.

What happens if I spend all the navigation data or calls from my goodybag plan?

If you spend the data to browse the internet or your minutes on calls in less than 30 days, do not worry, you can buy a new goodybag plan and start using it.

Keep in mind that when you use a new goodybag plan within the 30 days of your previous goodybab, you will loose the remaining minutes on calls, data or text that you might have on your previous plan.

If you do not want to start using your next goodybag, you can browse 2p / MB in case you have spent your data, and in the case of calls and sms, you will pay the established rates. To do this, you have to have enough Airtime Credit (Balance) on your giffgaff SIM card.

What does "Always On" mean in the goodybag of 20‎£?

The 20£ - goodybag gives you 6 GB of data to surf the internet at 4G speeds, once you have spent your 6 GB, you will still be connected to the internet at a reduced speed of 256 kbps, between 8:00 and 24:00. From 24:00 to 8:00 you can surf again at 4G speed, which will allow you to surf the internet until your month is up.

Why does giffgaff offer two different 10£ - goodybags?

Giffgaff wanted to offer its users the option of paying 10 pounds for a goodybag plan with more data to surf the internet, and fewer minutes in calls, or vice versa.

What do I have to do when my goodybag expires?

If you have set up the auto top-up payment method in your giffgaff profile, your new goodybag plan will be activated when your current goodybag ends after 30 days of use.

If you have not set up the automatic payment method, then you will have to pay another goodybag plan manually from your giffgaff profile. We recommend you set up the payment method automatically so you do not have to worry about running out of service and having to make a payment manually each time you need it.

Is it possible to share my data (tethering) with another device?

Of course, tethering is allowed on all goodybags or gigabags plans with a limited amount of data, in other words, all except for the 20£ - goodybag.

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