Giffgaff PIN Code

What is the PIN of my giffgaff SIM card?

When you first turn on your mobile with your new giffgaff SIM, you will see that it does not ask you for a PIN code, this is normal since it is disabled. We therefore suggest that you create a new PIN code to protect your SIM card.

To create your own PIN code, we explain below how to do it according to your type of mobile:

On Iphone: Settings - Phone - SIM PIN, now put the set PIN 5555 and then your new PIN.

On Android: Settings - Security - Set up SIM card lock, now set the 5555 PIN and then your new PIN.

On Windows: Select Call Menu - press the 3 points icon in the lower right corner of the screen - Call Settings - activate SIM Security, now set the 5555 PIN and then your new PIN.

If you need to know the PUK, look at this guide: What is the PUK of my card?

Difference between PIN code and PUK code

  • PIN: “PIN” means Personal Identification Number. This is the four-digit code that you must dial each time you turn on your mobile phone. The PIN is the code of your SIM card and not the phone code.

  • PUK: This is the code that your phone demands when you have mistakenly entered your PIN code 3 times.

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