How to activate your SIM giffgaff

In this tutorial I will explain how to activate your SIM card giffgaff with a bank card from UK or abroad.

All giffgaff SIM cards come without an assigned phone number, so if you've already received your card, you must activate it to get your number and to start using it.

If you do not live in UK, I recommend you to activate your SIM from your country a few days before your trip to UK.

Follow this guide step by step to activate your SIM ard:

Step 1 - Activate your SIM

Go to giffgaff website and click the button “ACTIVATE YOUR SIM”

Activate your SIM

Step 2 - Enter the activation code

Enter the 6 characters activation code printed on the SIM (code) card and click on the yellow button “CONTINUE”.

Enter the activation code
Enter the activation code

Step 3 - Registration

Now you have to choose a unique user name, password and enter your e-mail. You can only register one SIM card per username. Once you have chosen your user name, you can't change it later.

The password must have a minimum of 8 characters and must contain at least one capital letter and a number.


Step 4 - Choose airtime credit or a goodybag

On this screen you have to top up for the first time with a minimum of £10, either airtime credit or a monthly plan (goodybag).

The goodybags do not include international calling minutes, but with the £5 gift balance you will be able to make international calls from UK.

Choose airtime credit or a goodybag

Step 5 - Load balance

If the £5 gift balance is not enough for your international calls or use your giffgaff SIM card roaming, in this step you can load more credit.

If you don't load balance in this step, don't worry because you will be able to top up credit whenever you want.

Load balance

Step 6 - Payment

If you live in the UK, simply fill out this form

In case you do not have an address in UK, you must enter the following data:

1 - Numbers of your bank card.

2 - Your name and surname.

3 - A Postcode that must belong to the United Kingdom, you can use any of these: E12 5HG, NW1 8PB, SW1V 1DN, NW1 0RR.

4 - Click on "Find Address", in the address list, select the last option "Property not listed", an additional fields will be automatically displayed to add your address manually.

5 - ADDRESS LINE 1: Street name, number, floor, door, etc.

6 - ADDRESS LINE 2: Postcode, city and province.

7 - TOWN: Country name in capital letters and in English.

Only letters, numbers, commas, and periods are allowed when writing. Do not use special characters or accents.


Step 7 - Payment Verification

If your bank card has the active 3DSecure system, you will get a window where you need to type the code that your bank will send you to your mobile by text, in order to confirm the payment.

This step depends entirely on your bank and not giffgaff.

Step 8 - Confirmation of payment and activation

Once accepted the payment, giffgaff will activate your card. Generally, this process only takes a few seconds.

Once you see the following screen, your card is already fully operational and you can start using it immediately.

Confirmation of payment and activation

Step 9 - Configuration and number assignment

You can click on "setup your account" to set up your card. In the following steps, giffgaff asks you to enter the SIM in your phone, to check you have coverage and you set up the data connection. Having done all this, you can go to MY giffgaff where you can see the number that has been assigned to you with your selected goodybag and the £5 balance gift.

Configuration and number assignment

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